Corporate Responsibility

We take our responsibilities as a corporate citizen seriously and have a number of policies ensuring ethical and sustainable investing.


Bitcoin is often associated a large amount of power "wasted" in the "mining" process however this is misleading. Bitcoin operates across a global network of computers and the decentralised "proof-of-stake" mining process is the process of securing the network, validating and relaying transactions.

If one was to aggregate the power usage of all the components of any other global network such as mobile phones, TV's & broadcasting , traditional internet data-centers etc let alone the total environmental harm caused in the production of money or gold the Bitcoin network and other blockchains would be dwarfed in comparison.

Nevertheless these proof-of-work blockchains now make up only a small part of our overall portfolio with more and more blockchains choosing to operate in a more efficient & greener "proof-of-stake" model which doesn't involve CPU intensive mining, or running on top of existing blockchains.


We are excited by the work being done by global organisations including the United Nations, Unicef and many others using blockchain technology to increase transparency, better allocate funds and bring economic freedom to the almost 2 billion "unbanked" worldwide.

As with any technology there is a potential for misuse by a tiny fraction of the overall users. This is why we maintain strict compliance with all Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism (AML / CFT) regulations and implement full "Know your Customer" (KYC) policies.

We don't facilitate anonymous exchange of any kind and only trade on regulated or licenced blockchain asset exchanges. We are also supporters of a number of industry organisations striving to maintain professionalism and trust in the industry.


We consult with a diverse range of trusted advisors both within and outside the blockchain and financial industries to ensure we remain objective, impartial and ethical in all our business practices.

We also carefully screen our investments for any red flags such as likely scams or illicit activity so that assets which may normally have been included any portfolio (such as a top 20) are excluded.