"Blockchain Funds is 100% New Zealand owned and operated"


Jesse Pidgeon

Fund Manager & Trustee

Fund Manager

Founder Jesse Pidgeon has been involved with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies since 2013 after leaving the NZ Police where in addition to frontline duties he had worked in various roles including electronic crime, computer forensics and software development.

Since that time he has been involved in all aspects of the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem from mining to trading and investing.

In July 2017 the initial alpha-stage Crypto 20 Index Fund was launched to provide close business associates exposure to the rapidly growing blockchain industry.


Rose Lonsdale

Bachelor of Education from University of Auckland

As a registered teacher with a particular interest in digital technology as well as a trusted member of a number of community organisations Rose is one of the trusted trustees of the Blockchain Funds Management Scheme.

Independent Trustee

Identity concealed for security

An independent trustee has been contracted who in case of a disaster, in conjunction with the other trustee(s), can recover the assets of the funds and return them safe to investors.

External Auditor

Ray Jiao

Bachelor of Finance from Massey University

As a branch manager for New Zealand's largest IT retailer as well as an experienced crypto trader Ray has a strong understanding of the technology necessary to provide trusted periodic audits of our financial & blockchain asset holdings.




Registered Financial Service Provider [FSP632189]

FMA & NZ Police FIU - AML / CFT Reporting Entity

Dispute Resolution Scheme (DRS) Member [FM5330]

Foreign Tax Compliance (FATCA / CRS) Reporting Entity

*As a wholesale managed fund provider Blockchain Funds is not a "Reporting Entity" under FMC Act (is not required to undergo independent financial audits etc) and is not required to be a member of an approved Disputes Resolution Scheme (although we have chosen to do so voluntarily) or register a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) with the Financial Markets Authority therefore none of our products should be taken to be specifically licenced, regulated or endorsed by any organisation listed here.